• AlsaRef | Agence web

    Are those RLSA displayed on search results or display network ? (a bit confused by the implementation of the remarketing tag for display regarding search ads).

  • Alessandro Rapisarda

    This is a great news.
    Google has blocked the beta-whitelist between April and June.
    Are you aware of what is the global release date?

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/alessandro-rapisarda/28/222/15b/en Alessandro Rapisarda

    The remarketing code is the same. You won’t have to do anything on the code if you have already implemented the new unique-remarketing code for the whole site.
    With the RSLA then appear in Adwords a new tab called: Segment.
    Here you will can associate your lists to any campaign, Search and Display.

    Easy ;)

  • AlsaRef | Agence web

    Thank’s Alessandro !