• http://SocialMediaRush.com/ Reginald Chan

    Hi Julie,

    Great write! Lovely information and I can’t agree more with the asking questions part
    At times, a simple question could lead to tons of conversation and definitely worth the effort if you ask me.

    Keep the information coming!


  • http://erikhermeler.nl/ Erik

    Great article, I’m going to use the related content tip for my personal website.
    And I always like the box of “must reads” with the 5 best articles on a website. That contributes on engagement too

  • juliejoyce

    Thanks Reginald!

  • juliejoyce

    I like that too but there are loads of things that I like but I never do them myself…I need to get out of that habit!

  • http://erikhermeler.nl/ Erik

    Yeah, just try them immediately when you read suggestions like this. It works!

  • http://www.seotipsandstrategies.com/ Mary Gammel

    Hi Julie, Thanks for these tips. They are a good reminder to all businesses. I’d like to add that I’ve found that e-blasts to your audience when new content is available helps get links and increase engagement. Social media posts sometimes fall of the list of recent posts so they are not always seen but are important to use.

  • juliejoyce

    Excellent point…thanks Mary!