• TomJTaylor
  • RyanMJones

    Hmm. I question if this will work long term. Won’t ranking based on # of downloads just ensure that whatever is #1 stays #1 and make it harder for new apps to crack into the rankings? 

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    shameless plug – in AppCod.es you can compare your previous rankings with your new rankings :) http://blog.appcod.es/?p=55

  • http://twitter.com/rishi3211us Saptarshi Roy Chaudh

    There is ( and was) definitely much more to the mere volume of downloads  as the ranking factors – if they would only depend on the volume then new apps would hardly have a chance. Frequency of downloads (along with volume) has always been a key factor in Apple Appstore rankings and I think it will still work..


    I wonder why they are doing this.  They shouldn’t mess with the algorithm.  

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