• http://parislemon.com MG Siegler

    Not sure if “several” outlets are really reporting that. more like one. and it ain’t TUAW :)

  • Song Lee Kim

    Maybe there are other opinions for Navigation.

    Google Android only has one real navigation solution: Google. The iPhone has better quality solutions and lots of choices with TomTom, Garmin, MotionX, Navigon etc….

    This is an advantage for the iPhone. Thats is because there is much more innovation in navigation on the iPhone than on Android. Android Navigation is not really free, it is advertising-driven. That is not free. Furthermore Google will know everywhere you go and ask for directions and how you got there. Specialized navigation companies can be trusted for this.

    So Apple will probably do own maps. But Apple may wisely keep open navigation to have more and better choices.

    – Song –