• JimEustace

    Thanks for the great series of articles on how effective targeted content can be and thanks for the invitation to share success stories. Here is one that was achieved with http://www.GetSmartContent.com – our behavioral targeting tool that we think is very easy to get started with and very easy to use.

    The San Antonio Conventions & Visitors Bureau wanted to lower the bounce rate on their homepage and increase user engagement as measured by click through and requests for visitor guides. We added Smart Content to their homepage and strategized messages based on a variety of target audiences. The audiences were served targeted messages with clear calls to action based on geo-location, number of visits to the site, and content preferences. The success of the program is remarkable.

    We increased click through rate (CTR) on the main content from .7% to 6.7%. This tremendous jump in performance is a combination of giving people the content we believe they are looking for and providing a clear, benefit-focused call to action.

    The bounce rate for the homepage was driven down from a baseline of 30% to 16% as soon as we launched Smart Content and over time it has dropped further to 13%.

    Travel Guide requests, the key metric for engagement, have been increased by 42%.

    All of this was done with very positive ROI.

    Thanks again for the posts and the invitation to share a success story.