• http://www.linkedin.com/in/natewhite Nate White

    #3 is a great tip for anyone with a large network of stores, but what kind of mobile only content do you recommend to create for someone with very few or no actual locations?

  • http://www.brysonmeunier.com Bryson Meunier

    Great question. Depends on your brand, Nate. Oftentimes searchers will tell you what they’re looking for in their queries. Mobile wallpapers, mobile coupons, mobile games, mobile apps and mobile deals are all types of popular mobile content that there are many searches for that aren’t location-related, but the best stuff you may have to get a bit creative for. Think of the Alan Moore example I mentioned where a site without physical locations found a way to keep mobile users dry in a rainstorm without an umbrella. Or Shazam finding a way to use the microphone on mobile devices to identify songs on the go. There are ways to provide value to mobile users even without physical locations. My point is that if you find these ways, the links will find you. Thanks for the question!

  • http://WebPieRat.com jillkocher

    @Bryson, I’d be really interested to see the 11 mobile search queries you tested & the 5 smartphone pages that ranked for them. Can you share the data?

  • http://www.brysonmeunier.com Bryson Meunier

    Jill, I am going to post the data when I release the results in a whitepaper. Just so we’re clear, though, I did not say that there were 5 smartphone pages that ranked for these 11 queries. In fact, only one of the 55 results (for the query ‘weather’) was a site designed for mobile users. Most of the pages that ranked were desktop sites with a poor mobile user experience. The majority of them redirected to mobile content or had mobile sites, but the site presented in the smartphone search results was not made for a mobile user. This isn’t surprising to me, as 1) 79% of Google’s largest advertisers don’t have mobile sites, and 2) those that do don’t optimize their mobile sites, and sometimes even make them invisible by only transcoding their desktop content and burying it with canonical tags or robots.txt, and 3) as I said in my last column, Google doesn’t presently do a great job of presenting sites in their search results that embody the relevance, simplicity and speed that they say is necessary in mobile search.

    Just wanted to clarify what I will be eventually presenting. It’s publicly available in the search results, though, so if you want to perform the searches on your own, the queries are as follows:

    download ringtones
    global warming
    mobile banking
    oil spill
    pregnancy week by week
    sandra bullock
    spanish dictionary