• abecaglia

    Fun to read, a few misconceptions though. Running a SEO -SEM agency based in France and the UK, I would say that SEO in France is not particularly understood by many companies / marketing managers… The retailers are very wary about becoming eTailers and when they go for it, are still very cautious about their online spend – culturally French customers are not as web savvy as the British and would rather spend in the high street than online: not just for safety reasons but also because they have more time to do it (French don’t eat lunch at their desk, they normally have time to go out, eat and shop in their lunch break!)

  • Sébastien Billard

    Another specific IMHO is that in France we like to make beautiful websites (form is placed above fonction). Saxons like to make efficient websites (fonction is placed above form or at the same level). And we are very pretentious (except SEO people who are nice as we all know it).

  • Anders Hjorth

    The drones made you laugh, did they? I think the 1,5 hour lunch break is the misconception. At least in Paris where our office is. Not that long business lunches doesn’t exist – I sometimes have them! But then I am the boss… There is a surge of takeaway restaurants in the center. The 1,5 hour lunch break is the exception.

  • Anders Hjorth

    Rand was talking about waiters and people he didn’t know. As odd as it may sound, there is actually a majority of people who don’t care about SEO or even know what it is in Paris! If expectations are bad service then most people will be positively surprised by todays Paris, I guess. And the tourist board are wrong: what would Paris be without a grumpy waiter after all? ;-)

  • Anders Hjorth

    Beauty before Efficiency – not an opinion to be humble about :-) When you are talking about building websites you are probably right. Good there are some nice SEOs around to bring some effenciency to the equations.

  • Sean

    No one ever understands the issues with a culture until you speak the language fluently and also spend time living in the culture (including consuming its media, learning the non-touristic side of “real” life, etc.). I.e. don’t even think about doing SEO in a culture you haven’t mastered the language and cultural norms in.