• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    Should we wonder about an industry where so many people rush into making predictions that will, for the most part, be wrong?

    On a side note, my CAPTCHA reads: imagined stumbled

    Could anything be more appropriate?

  • http://www.onsitelocal.com BIZUSAONLINE

    What are we to anticipate for our SEO future and will it change dramaticly from 2009, that it will change how use internet marketing.

  • http://www.webnabit.com mwheeler

    Great post. I cant wait to see what this year will hold in the digital universe.

    – Matt

  • http://www.bluecamroo.com drewhoward

    Hey Matt,

    Here is a good one from Harvard Business Review.


  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Oliver

    Excellent post. Will be good to see what 2010 brings and what new things come along. Lots of good articles to read through so I will be bookmarking this and looking at each article. Thanks.

  • Matt McGee

    Thanks for the extra links, folks – appreciate it. Michael, feel free to wonder about whatever you want. Seems pretty harmless to me to have some fun trying to look ahead and make predictions, but if that bothers you, no one’s forcing you to make your own or read what others have written, right?