• studiumcirclus

    I’m not gonna’ lie here, I don’t think cropping out backgrounds always leads to better image quality :’) – just looking at the given examples.

    That being said I do wholeheartedly believe Bing Images is superior to Google Images. I just think they could use far – far better examples!

  • szunyi

    Google is still my favourite image searcher engine, WHY?
    Search by image! I can upload an image and google search for bigger size…

    Bing CANT do this!

  • Cameron Beyer
  • Craig Devlin

    Also Porn. Bing is still the best search engine for porn. And not just images, even though that’s great, Bing even has Snapshot entries for porn stars, while Google’s knowledge graph has nothing.

  • http://www.theLIVEJOBS.com/ Jaiser Abbas

    100% agreed with Bing. I can find relevant images with lot of helping filters in bing other than google.

  • http://onlinenepal.biz/ Subodh Rkr

    If we go with the relevancy then Bing may win but the fact is that Google is everyone’s favorite and the largest search engine.

  • Durant Imboden

    Next announcement from Bing:

    “To serve our users better, and to build market share, we’re now showing nude images of celebrities by default.”

  • http://www.geneeugenio.com Gene Eugenio

    Oh yeah, Bing has a better focus on end user needs. I only wish they had a larger marketshare. In other news, anyone else notice that Yahoo has ‘not provided’ its search data?

  • Bob Bigellow

    I think the better phrase would have been, “Bing does this horribly when compared to Google.”

    Bing doesn’t even have a Chrome extension to let one search Bing for a given image with a context menu item.

  • Bob Bigellow

    This is certainly cherry picked. When you do a search for, say, “photos of Germany”, Google’s result is better than Bing’s. Bing clearly sought out an example of an obscure search where Google’s results are mostly maps, then made sure their own was spruced up before writing an article comparing and contrasting. Also, when it comes to the thumbnail presentation, I like Google’s better.

    The fact that they cache and host the thumbnails, however, is concerning. This means site owners who don’t want their image content grabbed and hosted like this will have to fight harder to get that cache removed.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Bing is da bomb!

  • Ashutosh Rajput

    i always use bing to search image……bing is better than google

  • Ashutosh Rajput

    first you should get complete knowledge half knowledge is very dangerous…….

  • szunyi

    just a simple question, what are you using? GOOGLE or BING?

  • easyaccidentclaims

    It’s quite amusing to see Yunnan described as a resort! California must be a resort too ;-)