• http://www.socialbakers.com/ Peter Kelly

    It was only a matter of time when they would do that. Having such a powerful feature as the “voice search” and be able to using it just on searching items within the machine is such a waste of this feature`s potential.

  • http://twitter.com/Neuromancer Maurice Walshe

    Yes I got teh update last night will have to try it out. SO will google try and do an Android Games console or do a deal with Sony ?

  • http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/ Clayburn Griffin

    Xbox is the only thing making Microsoft money, and they insist on ruining it with their failed products. For instance, Bing Rewards lets you get free Xbox points. And now they’re adding Internet Explorer, perhaps their most universally hated product, to Xbox?

    Microsoft needs to be happy with a good thing and stop trying to break it for the benefit of its failures.

  • http://www.smartseobacklinks.com/ SmartSEOBacklinks

    Got a question here – is there any research about how differently searchers might be verbally rather than typed? i.e. all SEM campaigns (especially adwords) are optimised around how people use keywords in each country, demographic… if this changes, and continues to grow across devices and platforms – how on earth can we optimize a campaign?

  • http://www.kernelscorner.com/ Kernel’s Corner

    It’s time for Microsoft to focus on something that they excel with, and this is one of them. Hopefully this will be incorporated in many of their other products aside from Xbox. Technology is evolving and people wanted technologies to be intuitive, automatic and promote ease.