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    At Olive E – Business Pvt. Ltd., we have already started doing seo on pay for performance packages.

  • http://www.link-assistant.com/ SEO rocks

    A pay-for-perfomance model should add to the industry image as a whole and bust the myths of top rankings guarantees and no guarantees. I believe this is something SEO clients have been looking out for.

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    Hi Stephan – This is a very interesting post and also a very controversial topic…

    I will look at the Enquisite product for sure, but as an SEO service provider I have never even gone close to any type of pay for performance because of the following factors:

    1. The amount on work and man hours needed for all aspects of the on-site optimization, including implementation.
    2. The off site optimization, reporting, etc. that takes almost as much time, knowledge and resources.

    My philosophy has always been, you pay for what you get and since SEO efforts tend to have a moving and longer term objectives, what type of companies would essentially work for free for months and then get paid thereafter…no thanks!

    As the owner of a smaller boutique style search engine marketing company, I would never allocate our employees time and resources to client that we are not getting compensated for, it just does not make sense from a business perspective.

  • SFGreg

    “…Enquisite Campaign comes up with a reasonable approximation for optimization difficulty.”

    I’d be interested in knowing more about how the factors that Enqusite uses compare to the Keyword Difficulty tool from SEOmoz. It would be fascinating to learn more about the scope and shape of these two tools, to know more precisely what each is and is not reporting, and how they compare. Can you comment on how these tools are similar and different? Great article – thanks!

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    Yes, A Pay For Performance SEO Model is always a safer side for the website owners to get ranking on Top.
    My company ResultFirst based in San Jose, CA is one of the pioneer Company on “Pay For Performance” Model.
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