• John McDougall

    Great stuff as usual Eric.

    You told me four or five years ago link building should be thought of like a PR function / department and that has gotten more and more true after Penguin. Well, I should say people HAVE to think this way now thankfully even though that has always been true. My team is finally starting to get re excited about content based link building that has a PR type outreach and vibe to it now that clients HAVE to listen and take our ideas more seriously.

    I wonder if there is a good way to get more education out there so clients are not so “deer in the headlights” when we talk about link building and they want it to go away…to India lol becasue it is too weird to them and some are cheap and lack creativity. Starts with us I suppose being more frim in our teaching and what we accpet as gigs.

    BTW: Love your book (makes sense you would be the one to finally do a link specific book) and link newsletter.

    Seeing what the top sites have for linked to content and common backlinks are my favorite activities lately.

    Any favorite tools of your own or others you prefer lately you can recommend outside of ahrefs, majestic OSE etc?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Obviously depending on your niche there might be more of less subject-specific sites, so the key is to also look for related sites that are still a good fit for your website. In the case of the skatepark example you used, what related industries might be a good tie in? Skateboarding equipment companies (obviously), but also clothing companies that cater to skateboarders, video games that center on skateboarding, X Games type events and more.