• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    You make a great point about traffic. More visitors is good, more targeted visitors is better. What’s the point of having a ton of traffic if nothing comes of it? So many people get hung up on a number (we need to increase by 11.8%!) that they miss the bigger picture.

  • Matt Muncy

    Really great article! Loved the sections about involving
    stakeholders early, not believing easy integration sales pitches, and making
    consultants train your people. Thank you for this.

  • Pat Grady

    The pace of change can make agencies attractive, though I agree with your too many gurus perspective thoroughly. I’d also say that having an agency work on a performance basis (budget limit, paid % of sales) is a better motivating package that can clear away many (but certainly not all) of the prospective disadvantages of outsourcing. Then again, as an agency, I’m obviously biased (but self-aware).

  • Vittorio Aquino

    If I can add to this: Don’t Fixate on Numbers, but Look At Trends – I’ve been to endless meetings where managers fixate on why is adwords data not exact as analytics, why the total page views were less than 10 last Thursday. I believe that this is all a waste of time. These numbers are there to present trends, not for us to fixate on them. For some reason, convincing people to think laterally can be challenging at times.

  • http://jeffmcneill.com/blog/ Jeff McNeill

    The part about design is nonsense. Other items useful.

  • brad forster

    Quite Possibly The Best Analysis Of SEO Pitfalls One Could Face. Written Like a Boss!

  • Marc Peterson

    I really like the last point. Recently switching from an agency to in-house, I am learning to stay humble (even after big wins). The success we have created so far wouldn’t be possible without our copywriters and developers. Without them, I would be taking to an empty chair….

  • Dreida Kapp

    I am one those evil “consulting agencies” but I absolutely loved your point about not using one. Too often I am asked to do a job which should have me being a part of every department meeting within a company, not to mention tete a tete with the CEO & CFO on future company development strategies. Ofcourse I can’t integrate your social, online reputation with rankings and visitor behaviour then maximise your ROI on MY services when you don’t value it enough to create a full-time position for it.

  • http://www.vimi.co/ Nat

    Great article. Love the point that you make about following ranking.
    Yes, ranking is somehow important but the more important one is publication. So many people are obsessed in ranking number, ‘must be on the first page’ or ‘must be top 10’ and so on. They just miss the point.