• http://twitter.com/basilpuglisi Basil C. Puglisi

    No one forces you to use Google or its services, the same is true of Facebook etc. If you don’t like it and don’t want have that info transparent, then don’t use them. For the other search engines perhaps their is an opportunity for them to evolve to searve those that would not like to participate in such policies.

    On that note, the company has a fudiciary responsibility to pursue these practices and are 100% justified in using them. I only see fear from marketers and lead generation specialists that don;’t do the right thing and fear being exposed to better technology and campaigns that can acutally produce results.

    To close in a fair way, Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles” 

  • http://www.erikeric.com/ erikeric

    Thanks for the perspective, Nathan. We all probably do need to take a breath and repeat “Nothing is as terrible as it seems…” But I think that there’s another issue just as big (or bigger) that isn’t addressed here: the fact that Google is (ab)using its market share to shove their products into our eye sockets when there are more popular/relevant tools available. SPYW is akin to Google dropping Wikipedia and only showing Knol results in its place. It is far more relevant (due to popularity) to show Wikipedia results, just as it is far more helpful to how Facebook or Twitter posts than Google+ posts.

  • http://twitter.com/Nathan_Safran Nathan_Safran

    Erik: Agreed.  There is definitely that element to consider in any discussion about SPYW.  I was trying to write this piece as a “even if Google is able to get past that hurdle there’s still an element of being slow/suave about social in the SERPs”

  • http://www.erikeric.com/ erikeric

    I see, sorry for missing that. Thanks for pointing out the Times piece too, I’ve been out of the loop until recently and missed that completely. You’re right, that’s a whole other issue.

  • http://twitter.com/Nathan_Safran Nathan_Safran

    No worries.  

  • maria_andrea_10

    Wow,the NY article absolutely spooked me… they should not have that right to become utterly obtrusive just because we are using their services! 

  • http://twitter.com/African_Mangoes African Mango Plus

    The problem is, as long as you are using the services of Google, you can’t complain what they do. Their house, their rules.

  • mikoy213

    How did they even know that the pregnant women were pregnant? By letting them take surveys? Spooky

  • http://africanmangoplusreviews.info/ African Mango Plus Reviews

    Wow… this news is so spooky and enlightening and annoying at the same time

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