• Winooski

    I always appreciate being reminded just how irrational we are. It’s not just humbling; it helps prepare me for the way site users actually use (or avoid) a site.

    …And how’s this for timely? I just this morning found out about the Five Second test tool at http://www.fivesecondtest.com/ (cheers to Twitterers @jowyang, @rnadworny), which exposes an image for 5 seconds to a willing visitor and asks them some questions, e.g., “What were the elements you remember?”, “Which of the 2 images did you prefer?”, “What did you like the most about the image?”. It’s a nice way to crowdsource visual design testing.

  • http://www.jasonspalace.com jasonspalace

    i must throw my two cents in. the internet as we know it is just over 10 years old. what people are “used to seeing” now is only relative to what they have been trained to see since web2.0. the standard will change. the internet and the television are about to combine. it will just take one successful large startup to show the masses that there is a better way to interface. then a new standard will emerge. just look how much operating systems have evolved over the years. i believe and evolution of “the standard” will come with the evolution of the medium that they are on.

    Great article!