• roopam.bahl

    Hi David,
    Nice post. However, its easier said than done. If you are an SMB with people not knowing you, even if you set up a completely SEO compatible website, not much will happen. and lets assume you have time for social networking, having a twitter account etc, no one reads tweets unless you are something credible, saying something of value, something they need to know. and you need to continue saying it for a long time before they take notice! Hence, this entire activity is too time consuming.

    I guess businessmen should stick to what they do best- their business and leave this to consultants for the initial phase. Once things start to move, he can definitely take it in house!

    Roopam Bahl
    Research Endeavors

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi David – This is EXCELLENT all around advice…personally I believe that the first recommendation to “Take a few hours to learn the basics of search marketing” is one of the most important.

    As an owner of a smaller search engine marketing firm that works with many small to mid-sized companies, I always find that an educated client of the basics of SEO/SEM always have a much better working relationship and can actually allow us to do our job…

    Regarding the DIY approach, my thought has always been, people in general have their strengths and weaknesses, but often have ego in the way that they “don’t” need anyone’s help…for instance if I need legal help, I would NEVER do it myself, I would hire a professional for help.

  • http://catchsearchmarketing.com JeffMHoward

    These are all good places to start informing yourself. Its hard to know exactly where to start if your a small business, some might just need good old fashion SEO. Kind of like a local gym. Others, like a local fashion store, or restaurant may need a creative approach and use social media and build reputation through word of mouth.

    For those who want to do SEO themselves and understand the benefit I offer local search training http://catchsearchmarketing.com/local-search-training-community

  • rjowais

    Nice informative post…
    But i must say that SEO is not one day’s game…
    It takes time to perform and hard work for excellence.
    Earn money now!

  • http://onlinesellingdomination.com/onlinemarketingebook/ Online Selling Shawn

    I think learning the basic of SEO is the best approach, even if you have a third party doing it for you. Because then, you would have an idea, if the person you are paying to promote your site, is really doing its job. I am currently learning SEO on my own, and just taking all in, everything that I encounter online, and taking down notes. But i have to say, its a whole lot of information out there, and it surely is not an overnight make over.
    Good post by the way.


  • ttelford

    I think one major point that’s been missed is time. Most SME’s are already juggling many balls, from management, to finance, to HR, let alone their service/product offering – many don’t have time to learn SEO, let alone keep on top of the ever changing roller-coaster of knowledge! If their site converts, or has potential, and the spend can be justified in the real world, then most non-technical folk will still choose an agency/consultant, and rightly so.

    However, I do totally agree that the sales mentality within makes this hard to defend. All the SME is looking for is another route to market that’s cost effective – they may not want to become a net-head! But, guiding your way through the “Guaranteed position 1” advertisements is a daunting process.

    It won’t take a rocket scientists to build ranking on the long-tail, and I think it’s a blend of in-house knowledge and outsourcing, when the time is right with the right person. How do you gauge that person? Credibility, proven results and trust!

    Rant over.


  • http://www.helphive.com kmeghji

    Some very good points have been made. I’ll underscore one point – take advantage of quality directory-like sites that exist if you don’t already have a website or aren’t prepared to update it. These sites are already working hard to drive traffic and you may get some benefit quickly – and if you’re considering building reputation, social media marketing and/or leveraging customer referrals as part of an online marketing strategy, some of these sites could play a role in helping do this with minimal effort. Full disclosure: I run a site helping home service businesses (e.g. landscapers, roofers, handymen, plumbers etc.) do exactly this.