• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    They way he describes how the situation was handled, Google should count itself lucky these allegations came out on the day Osama bin Laden was killed. I grew up around racism in the South and I can tell you that if there’s one racist incident there are probably others. They may be skating on the edge of a major PR disaster here. Even the *appearance* of enforcing racism however bureaucratical the blunder truly was is something they want to avoid.

  • http://www.Match.ccom Simon Serrano

    I don’t understand most of this video.

    Why would Google use a video production company to hire “book scanners?” Maybe Andrew was confused about who really hired these employees? Maybe they were officially employees of a 3rd company who are using Google’s facilities to complete their jobs and are therefore not official Google employees?

    Also, I have to call into question his character because of the fact that he admitted that he lied about the 2nd tape. Additionally, he said that he was going to quit anyways in 2 months … this makes me think that he thought that he didn’t have a whole lot to lose if he did something or created something that he knew he would get fired for.

    @michael, he said that most were colored workers, not all. Is there still a case of racism if the entire populace of a group isn’t a minority or of one race? (Serious question, i’m not a lawyer or know enough about race issues.)

  • David_lou

    @Michael Martinez: the author and the maker of the video is not a ‘former Googler’ he was a contract worker, similar to those who conduct the manual labor of book scanning, they are not Google employees but the workers of a company contracted by Google (contract workers).
    Sadly those occupying low wage contract jobs are minorities.

    These are the ramblings of a delusional guy who doesn’t understand that those who when to college get payed more, as for security getting involved that is merely procedural and it’s what happens when you go snooping around company grounds.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    @David_lou: “…These are the ramblings of a delusional guy who doesn’t understand that those who when to college get payed more”

    That sounds like the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist.