• LikeIT

    Not bad at all.
    A little more optimization and will make a great job this engine.

    The results should be more various.

    good luck.

  • Splashsys Webtech

    I am glad to see an
    article on this. I appropriate you work.


  • http://www.20milesnorth.com/ Rob Jenkins

    I would be interested to see how long the residual effect lasts from a tv appearance. Just this blog post alone has me trying them for searches.

  • Shane_Perkins

    They do not offer a free service as they have sponsored ads, this is not tracking this is triggering adverts based on searches.

  • Artash Arakelyan

    Good for them but I still use Google to find about them (and lots of other readers do), which means it’s funny that DuckDuckGo can ”challenge” Google :)