• http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    That’s some super smart branding! Hitting Google where they are the weakest — their users’ privacy.

    As long as they don’t eventually allow their investors to take over the site like Google did, they may actually become a strong competitor for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Durant Imboden

    A tiny niche competitor? Maybe. A strong competitor? Not likely. Infrastructure doesn’t grow on trees.

  • Роман

    Promising search engine for Snowden and Assange fans. Do you believe that they’re not in that System?

  • http://WWW.atdny.com/ James Martinez

    Nothing done over the internet will ever be completely anonymous. Hopefully these searchers will smarten up when Google ads pop up on the duckduckgo homepage….

  • http://www.worksmedia.com.au/ John Romaine

    I love this. More diversity in the SE landscape.

  • http://www.privacylover.com Frank Merlott

    Only somebody crazy would sell his family to Google.

  • http://SEARCH.lol/ David Neville

    And duck duck go is different? They are the same architecture with the same vulnerabilities; sooner or later if not already. A search engine to even approach privacy has to have a different architecture, where you search by asking your friends as in real life. Looking for help revolutionizing search.

  • Edwin Eisen

    I like the idea and will watch but they have a long way to go. I am not sure they can get into the big three.

  • http://www.dpom.co.uk/ Brett Dixon

    Nice idea…terrible search engine though. I’d rather use Google and find what I want fast…

  • http://lathesis.com/ Lathesis

    Love this idea & more diversity in the search engine
    Long way to go DuckDuckGo……….!!

  • Suumit Shah

    Yes, I’ve just noticed that I’ve started getting lot of visits from duckduckgo search engine.

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    True, but a strong brand that backs up its values could easily build a reliable infrastructure, even against a corporate giant like Google.

  • Durant Imboden

    Sure, if it can pay for that infrastructure without “allow[ing] investors to take over the site like Google did.”

    IMHO, it’s unlikely that DuckGoGo would be able to finance a worldwide network of data centers with foundation grants.

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    True, very true. But it doesn’t mean they can’t find that money in other ways if people start finding strong interest in them. That is what other startups like FireFox and Wikipedia did after all.

    A strong brand invites a strong backing. And with that backing, anything is possible.

  • Mark

    Is this 2002 or something? When have you ever been able to find anything fast on Google…that is, after scrolling down a half page of ads, paid Google Shopping results and big brands cemented at the top of organic? Google is garbage, it needs to get thrown out and replaced.

  • http://www.dpom.co.uk/ Brett Dixon

    Works fine for me and a few other million users. I guess it depends what you’re searching for. Frankly, in the early 2000’s Google results were easy to manipulate and as a result most of the results we’re absolutely shit (yeah lets stuff the shit out of content with keywords whoohoo!).

    Mind you, if you were looking for an online pharmacy you probably didn’t struggle ;-)