• Rebecca01

    Hi Greg!
    My only problem with moving my nonprofit from its Group to a Page is the Event function. When I develop an event from my GROUP, the event invite goes to a friend’s mailbox, they receive notification on their phones, and the event shows up on their list of events on the right side of their facebook profile. My nonprofit gets a great response.

    When I develop an event from my group’s PAGE, I create the event, send an update to the fans, where it seems to sit unanswered. I have a feeling checking updates isn’t as prominent as checking facebook messages to most facebook users. The event from the Page doesn’t go to their phones, facebook messages, or to the right side of the fans’ event listings like a Group’s event invite. I can send the event to people that are fans of the page and are MY friend, and this invite appears in their Facebook messages.

    I find this to be the only flaw in Pages and because we are so event driven, this is an important feature for us. However, we like our page updates going to the newsfeed, unlike groups ! What am I doing wrong?

  • Greg Finn


    You are actually doing it RIGHT. Facebook does not allow Pages to do this type of messaging. When you send the event from your group it actually shows up in the recipient’s mailbox as coming from your profile. Pages do not allow this. There is actually a location in your messages box where the message shows up in an “Updates” section, however it is a very weak message, and most people don’t even know it is there, or how to check it.

    Unfortunately, I think it is a money play on Facebook’s behalf so that in order to promote a page without involving that profile, you have to spend money on ads. That is why many people (especially non-profits) still use the groups/profile method. I too wish this functionality worked with pages :( Good Luck!