• http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/ Clayburn Griffin

    I don’t see why I’d need to delete it if it’s private anyway. I’d prefer the option to make it public.

  • http://www.tarotize.com/ Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

    good move. hearing stuff like this makes me (still remotely) consider getting a personal FB account again. for now, i’m sticking to a business page only. the mahoosive privacy issues was one of my main reasons for leaving.

  • http://wescook.ca/ Wes Cook

    If you’re deleting your account you don’t want Facebook, Inc. to retain that data.

  • http://www.sarojnayak.brandyourself.com/ Saroj Nayak

    If facebook will add a tool from which we can
    see our recent profile visitors like Linkedin and Orkut, then it will be better
    for users to know which people are visiting our Profile…

  • http://twitter.com/RekhaBisht5 Rekha Bisht

    That’s great move to Facebook, but Barry can Facebook create a feature disable the unknown people to send us direct messages?
    The people those are not our friends can send us directly messages which is not acceptable sometimes.
    I am waiting for such type of feature. :)

  • http://www.allviaweb.com Lily Grozeva

    I have never seen such activity logged anyway. Is it just US thing?