• Tyler Hakes

    This is a great post for people who are either new to Analytics — or people who see the analytics reports but maybe don’t actually get their hands dirty with the data.

    We had a similar sort of “blind data” problem at my firm before I started here. They ran the same reports every month and analyzed them in a void — of course, everyone was always happy with the results because we had big numbers, but no one was putting them into context or actually measuring the site’s performance.

    The long and short of it is: Like all scientific data, these numbers can’t exist in a vacuum. How you compare or measure the data entirely depends on your goals, but the fact remains that you can’t just use the raw numbers without any sort of context.

    Start at the end — figure out what you REALLY want to know (Are our AdWords dollars actually earning us any business? Where do people get stuck on our site? Is anyone using that new link that we added to the page footer?) and then build the structure to analyze it properly.