• Meredith

    This has been a rumor for years. Gdrive would be a late entry in this space. Not sure how good it would be, even though they would probably try to integrate it with the other G services like Picasa.

    Sites like FilesAnywhere.com has free storage and they exist already. FilesAnywhere for example gives their cloud storage and a slew of nice features for free, and no ads. Our marketing team uses it for sending big files directly from Outlook, offsite backup, photo albums, video streaming and online Office file editing. They also have direct upload links to Blogger.com, network drive mapping, workgroup sub-users, and special folders permissions.

    All in all, I’m sure Google would make it very popular, but I doubt their storage tools will have all of the features that these sites have added over the last 5-10 years. Serious web users will probably keep going to FA and these other sites because give you more features, not just raw email/photo storage.

    My 2 cents. ;)