• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “Ultimately though, we missed the mark, as there was no way we could ask a
    team, on deadline, in many cases, with a CMS held together by baling
    wire and duct tape, to stop what they were doing and follow our
    extensive checklist of instructions. It was unrealistic for an
    enterprise environment.”

    I’ve run into this situation before as well. You try to come up with a guideline/checklist for your content creators to follow but even that might not be as easy as you think. Sometimes the writers themselves don’t want to do it, other times they straight up can’t (for one reason or another).

  • Andrew Shotland

    Sounds very familiar Marshall. In my experience, particularly when dealing with media organizations, if your keyword-research-for-editorial recommendations doc is > two pages, it’s too long. Even two pages is pushing it. So you make a one-pager and put all of the good stuff in a spreadsheet as backup, which gets filed in the Cloud somewhere. What these guys need is a machine where they type up their article and the machine translates it for SEO. Until then, many will continue to practice Avoiding the Hard Work of Optimization Til Failure…er, Exhaustion.