• Meg Snyder

    FYI – I +1 ‘d the article but did not see the +1 icon in my Google search results for the article.

  • http://www.kkti.com JVRudnick

    tried myownself Matt, to get same to “register” but nada….least not yet.

    but I’m sure it will….oh…never thought, but as I’m a Canuck maybe we are not “part” of the testing when our IP is Canadian as yet….

    Oh, and NICE catch too….



  • http://www.webtrapic.com/ bkcox

    Clicked on it but got a red exclamation point over the +1 sign afterwards.. The count looked as if it went up, but immediately back down to the # it was before I clicked. Wondering if they are only registering ‘pluses’ for google accounts its been rolled out too.. Wasnt on the SERPs either.

  • http://www.stareclips.com/?twitter Bob Bigellow

    Doesn’t work in special circumstances. Remove the /u/1 in the URL of the iframe in your code, and it should work better.

  • http://www.sweetspotmarketing.com S.S.M.

    Seems to work better in Chrome that Firefox.

    I clicked the button and then reloaded in Firefox and the old +1 button image loaded a small corner of the SMX banner from the top of the page. Danny might be thanking you for the traffic right now :)

    Chrome gives the red exclamation point.

  • Adele Tiblier

    I still spy a snippet of a Google 404 page.

    I also tried it within multiple browsers, and ‘no go’. Seems its still in beta for a reason, or the folks at Fanity.com have some issues with adding iframed content to the page.

    Excited to see how we can incorporate this into our search strategies, but for now, it stays on the back burner until we can really sink our teeth into it.

  • http://www.tomanthony.co.uk Tom Anthony

    It was cool whilst it worked! Looking forward to the real thing.

    In the meantime… an alternative approach, which isn’t as slick but is still working: http://www.tomanthony.co.uk/blog/googles-plus-1-vulnerable-to-clickjacking/