• http://www.linkedin.com/in/danatodd danatodd

    Hey Greg, that statistic about 50% of those exposed to ads took an action seems a little weird/high for belief – essentially saying a 50% blended conversion?…can you drill into it a bit more as a data point? Is it because there isn’t much clutter right now, or that the ads are so tightly targeted to audience/location and with creative message? I recall back in the early days of web advertising, a banner could achieve a 40% CTR on Yahoo just because there was no other advertising on the page and it was perfectly targeted by keyword.

    Would like to hear your opinion on what you think is driving the effectiveness – or is it simply because they’re attributing *any* kind of post-impression action as an action related to the exposure?

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    Hi Dana:

    First off, it’s 50% of 82% who noticed ads. So it’s not an absolute 50%.

    In addition some mobile clicks are “inadvertent” http://blog.pontiflex.com/2011/01/27/pontiflex-about-half-of-mobile-app-clicks-are-accidental/. But DynamicLogic and InsightExpress both have data that show mobile outperforms PC display across all brand metrics.

    Lack of ad clutter, more immediate need/greater relevance/better targeting and novelty may also be contributing factors to user behavior.

    Google didn’t let me under the hood. Will see if I can find out more.

  • http://www.askppcblog.com Cleofe Betancourt

    Hi Greg,

    “50% of users respond to mobile ads!” is a great selling point for the guys at AdMob, but the information they gave doesn’t support this claim. Every point in the article addresses how and why Smartphone users utilize their phones, but not necessarily the effectiveness of the ads in question. As you mention in your comment above, there is also the issue of “inadvertent” clicks (my 3 year old playing angry birds is a notorious clicker), novelty, random actions required to close the ads, captive audience, etc., which can also skew this data.

    Oh, to be part of the 18% who don’t notice these ads :)

  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin


    I like the little sound-bite that almost half would give up beer for Internet use on their smartphones :)

    Also I asked what the smartphone OS breakout was as it wasn’t in the webinar or the followup doc & was told it was 30% BlackBerry, 26% Android & 21% iPhone.