• Sam Mazaheri

    This is huge. Copy/pasting ads into ad groups is a big reason I use the AdWords Editor and it goes a long way to beef up the AdWords front end when managing accounts at scale.

  • marijit

    We all were dependent on Google Adwords editor to copy campaign, this is an awesome news – you can able to copy your whole campaign just a click away. I have a client who is running his campaign in different countries, it is a headache to create individual campaign for separate country or geological locations. wow! I can made it by just copy and paste whole campaign and set the location setting for each campaign.

  • http://www.sociablweb.com/ Sociabl Web

    This is really an awesome news for every Adwords expert.

  • Jessica Eve

    Thanks for creating this appreciable step..

  • Larry Kim

    i seriously question the value of adwords editor these days. it doesn’t have feature parity with adwords web UI, and adwords editor supports most of the use cases i use editor for.