• L. van Eembergen

    Wow, gives really great new opportunities, I’m wondering how long it takes that a complete cycle of website – mobile platform and apps are mandatory to perform perfect SEO.

  • Li Ma

    This is going to be a hot topic if Google opens this up to larger group of publishers! The only question I have is what will be displayed if the users don’t have the targeting app downloaded on their Android device? Will Google display a button to recommend downloading the app from Google Play?

  • http://topspot-official.blogspot.com/ Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    Android supports http schemas, and by defining your own URL, you can deep link into the app. The benefit of this actually, is that you can open the link on the web (if you don’t have the app) and on the phone if you have it, so no loss of experience no matter what you do.

    On iOS it is called smartbanner, you can deep link into your app that way (But you must have the app installed). However, Apple broke smartbanner function in iOS7, I am hoping they fix it soon.

  • AzzamS

    Just applied. May take a leap in App based SEO