• ScottyMack

    Kind of a “glass half full” opening to this piece. It just as easily could have read “Core search activity was UP an average 21.5 million searches per day in February with both Google’s and Bing’s share of search activity in the U.S. also up during the month.”

    As alluded to later in the article, there were about 9.68% less days in the month.

    Sorry, it’s a math sickness I have!

  • Alan

    I guess the Google plant “Marissa” is doing the job she was given.

  • http://www.dekh.com/members/profile/13 Harsh Bawa

    Feb had 28 days , 3 less than January, it could have lead to a decline in search results.
    67.5%- Chrome wohaaa.
    I never really liked Chrome as mozilla always stood up to my expectations and the addons to it were great.

    Besides I always feel Google is snooping around what I am searching and surfing so that I can take my credit card out ;)