• Donna Fontenot

    Well, I guess we now know what happened around August 21st or 22nd or so. The Hummingbird landed.

  • http://enfuzed.com/ Enfuzed

    I knew something was up when our organic search traffic decreased by 70% at the end of August

  • mathewmakio

    I was hit by a son of a b***h on the 15th of August..no traffic change from the 20th onward. I still think I was hit by something else

  • http://www.lisa-sprachreisen.de/ Ellke Greim

    complex queries – what does this mean? Please give more details about “Hummingbird” Many regards, Elke Greim.

  • MattStorms

    If you use Alexa data you can see all of the major retailers got a BIG bump in traffic within the last 30 days. Small guys went down.

  • http://www.eemes.com/ Eemes

    Yup i think now it will be like twitter vs Hummingbird. This is gona be very very interesting subject.

  • Li Ma

    We didn’t see any significant traffic impact for the past month or so due to Hummingbird. However, has anyone noticed the new SERP layout on ipad? I’m seeing this completely new design for Google SERP when I search on ipad.

  • http://www.manojpallai.com/ SEO Expert India

    Exact match with long search quires instead of very short query result.

  • http://www.itrush.com/ IT Rush

    Hmm, twitter vs hummingbird? Interesting.. can’t wait to see the updates..

  • briangelhaus

    My site traffic and revenue decreased 50-60% on Sept. 2 to present. Hummingbird sucks!

  • justinnerd

    yeah, I don’t think the new name was a coindidence

  • justinnerd

    yeah, I don’t think the new name was a coindidence

  • http://Youtube.com/user/Pokeflirt Michael Vera

    Google you nerds, can you just hop on the Social train like Facebook. Internet should be the same as real life, make social proof a little more important. Thanks, love michael

  • CarlosVelez

    We were hit as well. All our content is original (text, videos, etc.) We have a G+ profile, backlinks from Pinterest and Facebook and G+ and Twitter. Heck, we even buy AdWords. Yet we still got hit. I think we all need a divorce from Google.

  • http://www.penguin2.com/ Diggy

    I knew there was something sneaky going on with Google. Yet another animal update, surprise surprise. I’ve heard a lot of webmasters reported drops in rankings from the 4th of September onwards.

  • http://www.seolocalcafe.com/ Chandana Munasinghe

    There many more animals in this world , whatever it is we need to follow the algorithm so that need to see smile in our clients.

  • http://www.garrettspecialties.com/ Arleen Harry

    Is it possible Google Adsense may experience a growth pattern as more and more businesses may have to rely on Google’s Adwords strategy. Is Google doing all these updates to force people to you use their paid service?

  • http://www.vietnamsvisa.com/ vietnamsvisadotcom

    Hic, My site have decreased traffic when google have updated new algorithm. That is difficult for company seo. Now what i should do?

  • Janvier M

    I means queries that are complex. Unless you want the step by step logic behind :-/

  • Gregory David Keet

    the reason why they called it hummingbird is because of how fast and precise the little bird does things :)

  • Pam Web Infosolutions

    Nice information about Hummingbird. My site traffic decreased 30% in last month.