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    Matt, thanks for the article. I do not know if you have used Google’s real estate listing but as far as I have used, I believe Google is fetching data from different sources which half of the time gives you wrong / inadequate information about estate. Other then the real estates sales, Google also lists apartments and condos. When I was looking for an apartment (about a year ago) I used Google’s rental property search which lead me from bad apartments to worse apartments. Properties without any picture, wrong prices, WRONG LOCATIONS and so on. After checking Google’s listing, I printed out a list of properties and hit the road. Once I got to the neighborhood, there was no apartment complex as listed on Google. So overall, as usual Google is trying to expand everything online but not success rate is low for most of the new fronts.

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    What is interesting to me is that these listings dominate the SERPs within Google Maps, but don’t seem to be spilling over to Google Universal Search: