• lyndseo

    So they can do text and meta data – can they follow links too? That’s a huge one.

  • http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    Ha! Just in time for Flash to stop mattering!

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi all-

    Flash will alway continue to “matter” if it’s not implemented appropriately, regardless of its crawlability and indexation issues.

    Google being able to access and index Flash content is a bigger concern for me from a usability perspective. Flash is often misused. I think Flash implementation is more of a usability issue than an SEO issue. If users/searchers can complete their desired tasks more easily, efficiently, etc. with Flash, then I will implement it on a website.

    Google has been able to crawl Flash links for years. As for Flash content? We will have to wait and see how well Google does in the forthcoming months/years. I’m sure we will all keep monitoring.

    jquery has been a better option for me in certain cases.


  • http://www.danmozgai.com/ Dan Mozgai

    When Google indexed Flash, in the past, it treated the SWF file and the content contained therein as a unique document, not part of the page it is embedded in. Google needs to attribute the content and links contained in to SWF to the HTML document it is embedded in for this to be of any value. I wonder if they’ll do that now.

    I also wonder what it would be like if a page ranked for a phrase buried deep in the UI of a Flash movie. The searcher clicks on the SERP result, but doesn’t see something that reflects their search, and is instantly disappointed.

    There’s also a spam potential here. Load up the Flash with keywords for Mustangs and Corvettes, but show and advert for Viagra.

    I’m noticing that Flash doesn’t show up in the new page previews in Google. I’m seeing vast empty rectangles on Flash heavy pages.