• http://twitter.com/mosamahussain Osse Cutler

    probably a bug i guess

  • Nial Phillimore

    Hopefully a bug. That’s a lot if man hours down the pan if not.

  • Jonathan Jones

    Hadn’t realised you’d turn this into an article! =P Hopefully it’s only temporary or maybe an authorship update? Who knows.

  • aybecker

    My thinking: Google added them as a play to drive Google+ engagement, but that didn’t end up happening. Instead, SEO’s and authorities started using it on their web properties which increased CTR’s on those organic positions which ultimately hurts the rate at which Google makes money either 1) through ads or 2) through their own products/affiliate relationships.

    Since adoption of Google+ failed through authorship insertion in SERPs and since authorship increased CTRs to non-paid listings, Google now wants to stop the latter from happening.

    CONFIRMED: http://searchengineland.com/google-plays-authorship-search-results-dropping-profile-image-google-circle-count-195163

  • Guest
  • http://google.com/+MarkTraphagen Mark Traphagen

    Only thing we can find them for is for Google+ posts from people we’ve circled in personalized (logged in) search.

  • http://ppmmdd.com/ Brian MacDonald

    Interesting hypothesis. Makes sense.

  • http://www.iacquire.com/ Joe Griffin

    It was a bug. Snippets are back.

  • http://www.jaankanellis.com incrediblehelp

    Our issues is that they are using images from the article post instead of the proper image of the author. No idea why they are doing this. Did anyone else experience this?

  • http://www.mymassachusettsdefenselawyer.com/ Matson Law

    Our long national nightmare is over!

  • Jimmy McMinn

    It’s working for me?

  • Jimmy McMinn

    I see this is old… Nevermind!

  • http://a-life-so-far-away.blogspot.com/ Fernando Ceballos Lachica

    I have multiple blogs from blogspot where I shared for G+. The authorship still there and it appeared on the first page.

  • immigrant13

    It is showing right now.