• Pat Grady

    Though you’re just reporting facts, nobody’s accused you of G bias yet? Slow morning for trolls.

  • John Broadbent

    Hmmmm, Well Google is king, but it looks like those little knights (yahoo and Bing) Still deserve some of our attention.

  • Chris Koszo

    The obvious question is, which verticals is the opposite true in? That is, which verticals get a lot of Bing/Yahoo traffic? It would be great to optimize specifically for Bing’s Algo (which is easier is than G’s in some regard) and see what happens.

  • worthcris

    What? People still use Google? I guess they love to stare at white spaces all the time and get bored.

  • Charles

    Yahoo still get more people coming to its sites. Sure page views are great, and ultimately show how much malware Google has created to click on Google sites in the background of PCs. But Yahoo has the most unique visitors. Thats key.