• eas

    I started using Google Notebook after Microsoft bought Onfolio and killed off the Firefox integration. Now Google is letting Notebook waste away. Bah. I’ll have to check out bookmarks and see if it is a substitute.

  • sgornick

    I keep expecting to see any day now Google to shutter GrandCental … another product they bought haven’t touched one iota since.

  • diigo

    Hi Danny,

    You & your readers may wish to check out http://www.diigo.com

    Diigo enables seamless bookmarking, tagging, highlighting, clipping, sharing, annotation, and information search to deliver a new level of productivity for knowledge workers. Diigo Groups are a simple & effective platform for collaborative research. Diigo also enables very sophisticated search!

    This gives a brief Diigo overview:

    We’re working on our next major release. Love to invite you to participate and try it out.

  • yaoijonge

    Petition – Not stop active development of Google Notebook

    We address to you with the earnest request not to stop active development of Google Notebook and further continuing of offering notes for new users. We ask you to carry out active supporting and addition new functions of Notebook.
    The reason of present reference consists that huge number of Users considers the Google Notebook optimum from the point of view of convenience and comfortable of using.
    We hope on your understanding and making right decision not to close Google Notebook!

    Sign the petition – http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/notebook/

  • webnotes

    If you are looking for Google Notebook alternatives, I recommend you check out WebNotes, Diigo, and i-Lighter. I won’t speak for i-Lighter or Diigo, but at WebNotes, websites and their respective annotations can be organized for future reference and shared with others via email or permalink. We also offer a tool for aggregating all of your annotations onto an html or PDF document which can be shared with colleagues. If you’d like to see how WebNotes stacks up as a Notebook replacement check out our demos at http://www.webnotes.net.