• http://twitter.com/ScottyMack Scott McKirahan

    Like you, I think the EU has an extremely weak case. It’s likely they are bluffing. They barely have a sparrow to play with here, let alone a chicken.

  • Marc Razia

    What is wrong with this commission?  Let the market decide.  If Google searches end up being too biased, we can go elsewhere.  Your attempts to tell them how their own algorithms should work is a disgrace.

  • ThePinguino

    The EC are off their rocker.  If they are going after Google for #4 then they should do for every search engine that implements the same, otherwise they are being hypocritical.

    If I went into Tesco, I wouldn’t expect or want to see adverts for Asda (or hear them).  What use is that to me or the business?  I’m at Tesco for a reason.

  • Johndx

    Tesco’s business isn’t based on the assumption of a blind algorithm ranking businesses without any bias. Google’s is.

    Just like any Senator who passes a bill to build a road near to farm land he owns, knowing it would increase in value, so does Google sending more traffic to its own sites (which are different products, let’s not be stupid about that) and then claiming to do so in the interest of the user is wrong. Dead wrong.