• http://www.CaptureGroupon.com Egbert Oostburg

    My question is why does facebook have to go down for G+ to succeed? Based on my experience with G+ and facebook, they each have their audiences and both will continue to grow. What G+ has in its corner is the simplicity and quality of the audience it has created. Go G+!

  • Jonatha

    WEll..keep in mind that this is the same Paul Allen, using the same silly methods, that predicted back in mid-July that Google+ had 30 million users and would pass 50 million by early August.

    In ther words, his method for estimating is not even remotely accurate. He is a shill for Google. IT is no secret that Google paid bloggers to hype their failing service early on.

  • http://www.gravytrain.co.uk Matthew Read

    My worry is that, although this is brilliant growth for Google+, it is just a buzz and will fade away. Remember how quickly it reached 20 million users on invite only and everyone was going mad for it, but then all of a sudden no one was on it or even talking about it anymore.

    I think the same might happen again, Google+ need to consistently create buzz around Google+ to keep people on it and off Facebook.