• http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Because this is the exact way that third-parties can tell when something is officially penalized, when Google won’t itself comment. It’s sort of like seeing that someone’s in a jail with a big sign saying “convicted” around their neck. Even if the court won’t tell you they were jailed, you know they were. FYI, we have asked Google twice now about it, and they won’t comment so far — which isn’t unusual with this type of case.

  • atentat

    You can tell they are in jail with 90% certainty (they could also have robotted themselves out), but lets say its pretty obvious they are penalized. Still you don’t know what they are in jail for. You just assume. Your headline says “OFFICIALLY penalized FOR LINK SCHEMING” but we officially don’t know that, they could have been penalized for hacking sites or having some weird technical issue unrelated to any penalties. When I read this title I expected some hard evidence coming either from google or rap genius (appology is no confirmation for the penalty which occured after it). Thats all im saying. “Rap Genius penalized for link scheming” would have been sufficient to get me to click.

  • atentat

    Social Signals are incredibly easy to game or buy especially with social advertising which is more “native” and cheaper then adwords and can be used to generate likes/tweets/shares/etc without even relying on fake profiles. This is why it can not be used for ranking, not matter the topic.

    Besides, if social becomes a signal it will be about who can produce the best cat memes to funnel social signals to their lead pipe ecommerce site. It just wont work.

  • http://www.ericward.com/lmp Eric Ward

    Good point. But I believe that there are still many strong linking related signals, especially in niches, that indicate quality. I needed parts for a ’70 Triumph Spitfire, and Google was awesome. If I’d needed a Personal Injury attorney? Not so awesome.

  • Durant Imboden

    SEOs “have to take some blame for starting the fake linking schemes that got us here”? That’s the understatement of the decade.

  • Terry A Davis

    God is perfectly just. I made God’s temple. God says, “whence breathed cut Thy derision Away calledst punishment- desperate blinded regions top feedest Fair mountain’s stir abundantly lastly presseth hell fixing sinking forgive Hymns converse finite shop beauties infinitude pared use broken “

  • Terry A Davis

    God claimed deep water horizon. Google has suffered similar things. The enemies of God burn in hell and don’t know why.

  • Steve K

    Ya Matt and Google sure showed that website not to mess around with them…Plus the other 7 or 8 networks above not to mess around with evil G…

    Oh wait, you still have another what 500,000 plus public networks and then probably another 1 million plus private blog networks that you don’t even know exist. Good luck with that battle dude (end sarcasm)…Its probably more in the millions overall.

    The fact remains, Matt and Google will keep pretending they have this under control, when in fact Matty, you really don’t and never will. Nice try anyways….

  • DP

    Whatever. This was the best site for rap lyrics/analysis. Why should they even apologize? Google just wants them to kiss the ring.

  • http://alex-hemedinger.blogspot.com/ Alexander Hemedinger

    HAHA! Seems like it right? :)

  • vseo

    Well, with all of the wonderfull options they have to get natural links, that one was so easy to detect…

  • IMSoldiers

    I can see your point and have to agree. If the niche you are in are milking the search engines then how is it possible to compete.

    White Hats have had this problems for years against the black hats until Google had to step in as it was damaging the search results but what do Google expect.

    Google really shoot them self’s in the foot in my opinion by giving credit to sites who either have money to back the SEO or have a large workforce to carry out SEO tasks. What happens to the guy down the road who’s starting up with limited capital who might have a fantastic site but cant compete. They turn to black hat and Google moan when in reality he had no choice and they are the ones who pushed him into it by not creating a level playing field with equal opportunity.

  • Ceci Pipe

    Seriously? Google injects ads into it’s search results more than it shows you decent articles, and in some cases I’ve found them putting great sites at lower rankings just so they can push through their own site.

    They’re not a search engine, they run a search engine but they’re not an unbiased search engine.

  • LarsAndTheRealGirl2

    Google is not the best search engine. They’ve become the YELP of online.

  • LarsAndTheRealGirl2

    Google is not the best search engine. Just like YELP, they have become the Internet Mafia. They sell our information to companies at a price. A newspaper didn’t do that. A TV show doesn’t do that. The truth about Google will eventually be told and over night (like a movie star accused of molesting a child), people will remove all their information from Google. It just hasn’t happened yet. This is why I BING and Yahoo. They aren’t stepping over the line. If someone said that “someone stole” the information that Yahoo and Bing have one me. I would be fine. If someone told me that someone stole the information that Google had one me, I would be afraid. Google is dangerous and they are only becoming more dangerous. I’m OUT of the Google Circle and will stay away. I suggest we all do the same (unless you are stockholder of course).

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