• http://www.nuttakorn.net nuttakorn

    What do you think about impact to analytic (GA, Omniture and Webtrends)? Is there any different on pre-loaded page and real-page?

  • http://www.chocolatechipcookiest.com Matt Bowers

    Same question. Is this going to inflate traffic numbers artificially?

  • dondevange

    The fact that it’s executing javascript suggests that it will indeed impact Google Analytics or other tracking systems. I hope there is a way to at least identify the pre-loads instead of just seeing traffic numbers inflated.

  • http://www.searcheccentric.com S.E.

    We think that this new feature is good for the users and search-engine point of view.

  • http://myinternetcorner.com/ Steven Sentosa

    I think Google should be able to select which code to be pre-loaded. Since Google can recognize their own GA code, it should not load the JS for it. I’m not sure about other analytics (omniture, webtrends, etc.) Well…Google could always archive non-GA analytics codes and disregard them.

  • http://www.seobythesea.com/ Bill Slawski

    Sounds a lot like the discontinued Google Web Accelerator, but without the option to opt in.

    I remember having to explain to a number of people why they may have received cookies from sites that they never visited because of Web Accelerator.

    There may be some privacy concerns about this because of that.

    There was also a bug with Accelerator that would keep YouTube videos from working correctly when it was turned on. Hopefully that won’t be an issue this time around.