• http://www.directresponse.net Dave

    Scott, great info man.

    It seems the bait and switch days of Google results are over. The instant preview feature is like receiving the car facts before buying.

    I see the preview also shows most, if not all, of the web page all in a thumbnail version. This takes away from the idea of placing your more eye-catching material “above the fold” as well. Since it seems you can view the whole page at once with this feature.

    I wonder if this will be taken into consideration as well.

  • http://www.adwordswork.ie A.W.

    Hi Scott,

    Nice write up thanks.

    It would be interesting to know how many people actually use the preview feature. Personally I don’t think many people use this feature so I can’t see it having much of an effect.

    Maybe in time more people will become aware of it and start using it.

  • Ian Williams

    I already noticed this purely as a searcher. I no longer have to waste my time visiting pages which begin “Dear Friend”, headed by some ‘enticing’ question in red ink, and are 65 bazillion paragraphs long – of which the highlight is always the peculiarly-quantified ‘value’ (“A $67.3 value”). God, I hate those pages.

  • gavwillis7

    nice column scott,

    This really does put the user at the forefront of search. Gone are the days of simply populating landing pages with relevant keywords to achieve a better quality score.

    This is a good move, and with it will likely to increase CTR as well, it will only help to emphasise the importance of design and usability in improving conversion. At the end of the day it is the user who needs to have the best experience.

  • http://www.propools.com Brian

    Nice thought out article. The concept of Google’s doing this seems to be dead-spot on for several reasons but it will definately be a game changer for many.
    In reading the article, I’ve had the following thoughts and questions:
    1. I wonder if there’s a we can use to have Google use “this” as the preview display.
    2. Preview may certainly reduce the bounce rate
    3. In reducing the bounce rate, it may also reduce Adwords charges, so is Google cutting it’s revenue stream? Or are they willing to do this in an effort to have better search results?
    4. Do we get a metric measurement in our Google WMT that shows the # of clicks from the preview tool?

  • http://blog.9thsphere.com/blog/ Ezra Silverton

    I suspect Google is or will be using Instant Preview partial vs. full click intent eventually in their algorithm which may also give weight to the ad and quality score ranking over time. Perhaps even adding this data into Google Analytics may be nice! I would also expect bounce rates for many to decrease since the first impression would be concluded before the click.

  • http://www.ikonetic.net Chas Blackford

    Interesting that one client’s PPC landing pages don’t display the mag glass – is this because we have them blocked to with a noindex meta? I suspect yes. Could this be a tactic for PPC advertisers to use, perhaps (if they have crap LPs), but it all really depends on consumer acceptance (and the perceived benefit) of this feature. Too bad we all don’t have access to InPage Analytics at Google to see the clicks. ;-) – This could be of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” features that Google quietly drops…

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey

    Bad design habits like rotating flash headers and big blocks of copy without sub-heads are now going to hurt CTR as well as conversion rates.

    Will landing pages eventually become preview banner ads?

  • http://www.techfreedomonline.com Pravin Gupta

    This techniques effects on CTR ! !

  • http://thietkewebsg.com/ Thiet ke web Sai Gon

    Google Instant Preview for Ads immediately suggests several best practices for landing pages?