• http://pgabor.com GaborPor

    My favorite Labs product was Google Alerts, that fortunately “graduated”, although it is still marked as beta, after 7 years of existence. I don’t doubt that Google will keep innovate and come up with new products, but guess that future testing will be more internal or limited to a smaller circle of people. Other products that started in the lab and I use them every day now include Google Docs and Reader.

  • http://www.DSquared-Media.com dondevange

    Fusion tables was a great tool. I’ll be sad to see it go.

  • http://IMpopstar.com Lou Woo

    Google Alerts was pretty innovative for Google but in general they take other companies’ ideas and bring out their own version, or in the case of YouTube, they buy up an excellent resource and then ruin it with advertising.

  • Ian Williams

    The Apple-ification of Google continues…

  • Antoine Cénec

    Such a shame, labs were a really good playground for innovative ideas !

  • http://www.irisreading.com Paul Nowak

    I can’t believe Google is closing down Labs. I used to love using one of their apps, Google Fast Flip. I teach speed reading classes and used to recommend that people use Fast Flip as a great way to consume content online. Now that it’s gone, I’m planning to create an app that will do something similar with improvements.