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    Hey Greg,
    Last week on ResourceShelf we put together a selected list of sites and tools offering either street-level and/or 360 degree imagery. Here are a few highlights. The complete post here.

    +++ PagesJaunes continues to provide gorgeous street-level imagery for major cities in France and Spain. This feature has been available for several years.

    ++ Digital Maps and Imagery: 360 Degree Location Views and Virtual Walks from SuperTour

    ++ Immersive Media is Building: 360-degree views of Surroundings
    + Super Cool! Immersive Media Demos

    ++ 360 Degree Street Level Views From Various European Locations

    ++ CycloMedia
    Netherlands-based company offering 360 degree panoramic views. Several demos available.

    ++ Mappy.com (a great map/directions site, part of PagesJuanes) also offers MappyVisiocity (both free and for commercial use). Street-level imagery for 30 European cities, more than 6 million images. Learn more about Visiocity here (4 pages; PDF).

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    Wow…I remember 4 years ago when I saw the prototype and was playing with it due to the fact that the CEO/President of Immersive was basically my uncle (close family friend/my father’s best man at his wedding with my mom). I never imagined it would revolutionize so much and really create a frenzy. The prototype was far different from what it looks like now but I remember not thinking much of it. What’s amazing is the idea of the different levels of potential for this great technology. Imagine a digital ad network/marketplace for street-level ads as well as sponsored links and such built into the core of these systems.

    There’s so much coming and this is terribly cool.

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    I added here the best Google Street View.

  • http://www.geo-trotter.com Geotrotter

    I added here the most amazing Street View.

  • http://www.geo-trotter.com Geotrotter

    I added here some amazing Street View from the last update (08/2007).