• http://www.facebook.com/the.nathaniel.bailey Nathaniel Bailey

    I must say the BBC are doing great with the coverage of the games, but who would expect any less from them, after all we are hosting the games here in the UK so its the BBC’s time to shine for a change lol

    Back on topic, I can hardly say I’m surprised at the amount of mobile searches because more and more people (especially the younger generation and professionals) are doing searches which out and about because its much easier to find things out in the now on your phone then remember to catch up once you get home where you have other things to do.

    So mobile search is bound to grow and grow because people don’t want – and often can’t afford – to be left behind on what’s happening in the now!

  • w3origin

    Technology is changing rapidly and the whole marketing scenario has changed now. This is the symbol of technological innovations that how much we are adopted the latest trends. Even in countries like India people use mobile phone to use the internet instead of Computer and laptops. But the data is really surprising. 

  • http://webrunnermedia.com/ IMBenson

    This is just incredible. Those who aren’t taking advantage of mobile search marketing will soon be left in the dust as the early adopters that do will reap all the benefits and take over market share in the near future.