• http://techie-buzz.com keithdsouza

    Well, this is good news. Of late, there have been too many spam sites in the index and it is definitely sending them good traffic on watch live and more among others.

    Gaming Google News is far more simpler than faming Google search because Google itself gives precedence to news results and shows it on position 1 most of the times. So even if you had a crappy site with crappy language you could get tons of traffic just by looking at trending topics in Google.

    Reporting spam websites in news to Google is futile, there are so many sites which have been reported but continue to be in Google News, so that editorial review policy is something which is not perfect. Look at the Google news forum to take a look at the numerous reports filed against spam sites and see for yourself if Google has acted on them or not.

    The downside is that there are sites which actually do good work and are being rejected by Google citing vague reasons. Of late Google is only favoring big publishers and sidelining several medium and smaller one’s.

    So in the end, the new Google policy is make the rich richer and make the poor work harder. I am familiar with the situation because we were kicked out of Google news too.

  • E Brian Rose

    I see the same people posting again and again that Google does not want rewritten news stories. I can guarantee you that news agencies of all sizes rewrite the news.

    It is a fact that most news that is distributed by agencies from the Podunk Press all the way up to CNN rewrite news stories from the wires. Hasn’t anybody ever heard of the saying “hot off the wires”? That goes back to the “reporters” grabbing a tear sheet and rewriting it. It still happens today in almost every newsroom.

    Google isn’t cracking down on rewritten news. They are cracking down on small businesses.

  • LiliaM

    Yeah right, this is coming from Mr. Brian Rose, the guy who makes a profit from teaching newbies how to spam Google News by creating fake news site. What more to say of this self claimed guru who dares to even post here in this very topic about the mess he helped created. The world that we live in.