• Cameron Jonsson

    With recent numbers coming out, its seems as if Yahoo continues to be the loser. Is the growth of Facebook directly affecting them? Or are there other factors – ie the investment in Bing vs Yahoo with the search alliance?

  • kevint

    i despise all the direct comparisons between facebook and google. Especially when it comes to time spent on a site. I mean google is a search engine, whose job is to refer other sites at the query of a user. Facebook is about connecting with friends and sharing what you like, oh and diddling with little farm animals. Directly comparing their on site time, is like comparing those who go to mcdonalds drive through to shoppers at wal-mart. Mc donalds offers a quick meal, people are in and out, much like google. Walmart is where you do your personal shopping. Personal. YouTube makes a little more sense to compare, but your missing a key factor, its a media site. Facebook is what it is ‘Social Network’ Google is what it is ‘Search Engine’. When google decides to truly enter the ‘social network’ market, then you can start comparing apples and oranges. Until then, facebook should surely have more on site time, and i hope its google who plays a role in the social network world, not facebook in the search engine world. We already have to live with crap like blekko, facebook as a search engine would be a disservice to us all.

  • http://www.jeremyschwartz.info Jeremy Schwartz

    Kevint, Amen. Glad to see someone gets it.

  • http://nicopretorius.wordpress.com/ Nico Pretorius

    @Kevint, agree! Also getting tired of all these comparisons. On the whole, I think Google contributed a lot more to technology and our online world than Facebook ever will. `

  • http://www.jonathonsciola.com Jonathon Sciola

    Great stats.

  • http://www.paulwriter.com Jessie Paul

    Thank you, this piece was very insightful, and I’d love to reproduce it at http://www.paulwriter.com if you provide permission.

    I agree with @kevint that it FB and Google aren’t the same, but the perspective is still useful

    I did not realize that India is such a big Google market. I’d be curious to know what folks in Australia etc do instead of google/orkut/youtube…just FB?

  • Matt McGee

    Hi Jessie – sorry to say, but we don’t allow our articles to be republished on other sites. But you’re welcome to write ABOUT this info, include a short quote from our article, and link back to us as the source/original.