• m_live_74

    Again childish response. Yes, we use….. but not Bing’s…..hehehe.

    Many like so.
    Yes, we let users steal,(no,no copy, no no show:) others content in YouTube but we display ads to make money… But, we do not copy hehehe…

    Shut up. people are getting smarter and know more now than this fiasco.

  • http://www.brickhousesecurity.com mbell

    Google is (rightfully so) scared of Bing showing better results. Since Google has the bigger chunk of search traffic, they obviously have more click through data. Since they have so much data they don’t have the need to look at Bing’s data. Bing on the other hand has a much smaller sample size to look at, if they would only be looking at their own data. Bing is looking at Google’s data NOT in order to copy their results, but in order to get more click stream data , which they wouldn’t be able to get by only looking at their Bing Data. Google is aware of this and they want to maintain their upper hand. Is that fair? Definitely not.

  • http://www.FindFiles.net FindFiles.net

    There are many other search engines around, like Duckduckgo.com, FindFiles.net, Blink.com which in part use other engines result, at least at Duckduckgo you are forwarded to Bing’s picture search when searching for images.