• ezekiel_e

    I did not even know about he tool bar. Hum, an going to start using it. Very cool


  • Colin Guidi

    “Matt said the reason they still have it is not because SEOs use it but
    rather because searchers and users still use it to determine how
    “reputable” a web site is.”

    So by that notion, SEOs should use it and optimize a page for overall SEO, seeing how Cutts is saying this attribute helps users determine a pages reputation…

    Personally, I haven’t used the PR from Google in aeons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christian-Noel/50205756 Christian Noel

    So let me get this straight.

    Google claims it cares about things human searchers care about and try to build that into their algo. Apparently, searchers care about PR. However, Google downplays the importance of PR even though searchers tend to see value in it and will only support it as long as users are using it or as long as browsers support it…oh wait Google has cornered the market on browsers as well through Chrome and their stranglehold on Firefox. So I guess users will be using PR for awhile, yet Cutts doesn’t want to lend credence to PR as a signpost either.

    I don’t use PR as a primary indicator for SEO, a holistic KPI driven ideology is better but the whole exercise just seems foolish. Frankly, PR was one of the few things Google ever offered that lessened the opaque nature of SEO and made it seem at least a little transparent. I think it offered at least some modicum trust with them. Honestly, PR when it first came out was rather comforting.

    At the end of the day, however Google doesn’t care. They care about SEO, but only to the extent that they need to manage what is naturally a fluid content game within a highly visible product. Outside of that they would much rather everyone spend more on PPC.