• http://about.me/alexedlund Alex Edlund

    This confirms what we have been seeing in the travel industry as well. More clicks, large increases in clicks from tablets and other mobile phones while CPC’s have remained steady or dropped. For established players this is a good time to be aggressive with your accounts.

    Unfortunately, I have not seen the same development with Yahoo/Bing. On the contrary it seems that CPC’s are continuing to rise since the alliance while clicks volume is stagnant. Google is in a good place right now.

  • http://www.danmozgai.com/ Dan Mozgai

    34% is a massive increase. I wonder where that comes from. Is it from more people using Google, or having more ads in more places and on more devices (like mobile), or are paid ads simply more attractive to searches than organic results these days?

  • Flemming Kaasgaard

    Wouldn’t it be a fair assumption that a lot of the increase in clicks is non-us, from emerging markets, which could explain a big chunk of the increase, and explain the drop in CPC – often less mature markets will have lower CPC’s, especially if it’s in i.e. eastern europe, India or the like.