• http://www.mediawyse.com/ Casey Markee, MBA

    I didn’t realize “Turkish Porn” was such a big problem. I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks Google!

  • http://www.spinxwebdesign.com/ Alan Smith

    Google will take big steps on paid as well as Spam linkbuilding again with spammy queries :) nice move

  • Firdaus Ansari

    Nice and appreciable steps from Google, Thanks :)

  • Nedim Sabic

    If G says 4%, then the real problem is closer to 40% than to 4%.

  • Dave Smythe

    Once again no affect for RX pill spammers! “Viagra” returns top 10 includes “This site may be compromised” sites.

  • http://buybattery.co.nz/ Beally Jean

    Er This update impacted roughly 0.3% of the U.S. queries, but Matt said it went as high as 4% for Turkish queries were Web spam is typically higher. I think it is up to 20%-30%.

  • http://www.logodesignloot.com/ James Gilbert

    Great news. Thanks to Google Search Spam team for taking this appreciable step.

  • Falgun Modhia

    Hi, Expecting Google update for pharma queries, specially for prescription medicine searches.

  • Nebosh Course in UAE

    Thanks for list. It is much appreciated. I wish you success at whatever you do.

  • Chris Rempel

    As usual – believe what you see. Not what you’re told.

  • natfinn

    “Illegal?” I know Google’s been spending a lot of time in court houses lately but I don’t think the Government has officially turned them into a public utility…yet.

  • http://ez93.com/ EZ93

    If Google shows an alert saying the site may be compromised..why on earth does it rank at all? Let alone rank as a top 10 hit? Surely alert the webmaster via webmaster tools.. and give them some sort of time to address the issues. If the site is not maintained and the issues is not addressed then surely the site is worthless as its not maintained, the webmaster is not active and on top of that the site is also compromised. Why is a compromised site not just dropped until the webmaster sorts it out. It makes no scene at all to me..

  • Jacobsebastian

    When might be the google update on july?