• Alan Duvall

    what does this mean for adwords express?

  • Francesco Giartosio

    I find it interesting that in the last video the ratings you can give are Good, Very Good, Excellent, …  They don’t want bad reviews, apparently.

  • http://www.multibrain.net/ Bruce Porter Jr.

    This article is great especially for the small to mid sized business owner who has depending on their local presence for so long now. It is imperative they they realize there are new procedures to properly transition their Places Landing Page to the Google + styled Landing Page. 

    If any of you need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to visit Multibrain.net

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=718065078 Grant Simmons


    How can Google rank it’s own pages above other pages in the SERP in a way that doesn’t create anti trust concerns AND convince users (through example) that they are showing the most relevant results in the SERP?

    Does this create a new opportunity for SEOs to optimize Google+ Local Pages to outrank an actual business’ website?

    Obviously I understand that Google has been providing visibility to Places Pages for a while in their ‘local results’ 10-pk (3 pk 5 pk etc.) but how (if) will they mix in organic and Google properties via their ranking algorithm,a big part of indexing the new + profile?

    To answer my own question, I don’t think they will.

    Their “indexing” could be available for other Google results *apart* from the standard SERP, the Google+ Local Page directory, maps, images, videos etc. but not the SERP itself. Many potential issues that even as the 600lb gorilla will be tough for some advertisers and website owners to stomach = possible litigation at the US state level.

    Understanding that G+LP will be a repository for a business’ content, media etc. and making that easily accessible for Google properties might be the advantage SEOs can leverage to enable their clients to be found everywhere (or at least everywhere Google chooses to display indexed and categorized data.)

    Too soon to feel any impact, but I definitely think this is a game affecter, not necessarily a game changer.

    Grant Simmons
    The Search Agency

  • http://twitter.com/bigspintv steve

    I am confused as fuck. None of the data in Google Places matches the listing anymore as the details are different on the local page (someone else set it up). 

  • http://bizventura.info/ bizventura

    I just think this is a great alternative to other sites business owners were avoiding, not everything will ever be perfect, but this has visibility, name, visibility, rank, visibility, did a mention visibility?  Service or features of certain social media cites pushed business owners far far away, and that’s what makes Google+ awesome, they are a lot more flexible than other sites to allow a business to be represented in a highly traffiqued environment, what else would anyone want- if you want to grow a business, make sales and gain new customers, it doesn’t matter how they hear of you, as long as they do and that’s what Google+ does. Of course I am thinking and talking about business uses (bizventura.info), it’s money that moves the world, if we can’t make it, nothing moves. I think Google+ will be easier to use for business owners than FB or Twitr.

  • http://www.webstatsart.com/ Webstats Art

    New seo services can
    1. Get you registered with Google+ using a local cell phone numbers (you will need many)
    2. Get a paper company for you in 100’s of locations 
    3. Get an answering service in those 100’s of locations
    4. Feed all the data back to one central local database. 

    I wonder which companies will lead the way to defeat local?

  • http://www.web101marketing.com Tom Parker

     That’s not TOTALLY true. There is no map by default on the page, but if you click Maps on the left, then you get map and A,B,C….etc

  • http://www.web101marketing.com Tom Parker

     That’s not entirely accurate. While the map doesn’t show by default as it does for most local services, clicking Maps on the left will display local website designers on a Map with A,B,C, etc.

  • temafrank

    Love or hate the changes: Google sure is keeping SEO expernts on their toes. Constant learning curve!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K3XE7EGT4TDB2UNDNV4RFWVKKQ Curt

    I have no complains with your article. My complain is with
    Google and the fact they think they can just do whatever they want. Google+ is
    not winning in social media, so they highjack 80 million customers and put them
    in it with out their consent.


    I setup my Google Places site 3 months ago. I liked the look
    and everything. I just went out to change something and it is half gone and it
    looks like crap! Don’t tell me Google is not trying to get rid of Google
    Places. I know they say they told everyone, but I never got an email. If I wanted
    a Google+ account, I would have got one.


    Excuse me, I’m just a little bit upset at Google for being a
    bully and just finding out I have crap instead of a Google Places account.



  • Ginger Fawcett

    I have to chuckle at everyone who says Google has hijacked them and messed up their lives…how dare they.  Well here’s how they dare…they ARE Google.  They aren’t being a bully and messing up the internet.  All they are changing is their own internal infrastructure and that’s fully within their rights.  You’re all free to use another search engine as despite what many of the comments imply, Google itself is NOT actually the internet.  They are a company making a living and since competitors aren’t as good or have as strong of a brand people won’t leave because Google basically rocks at this.  If you’re business is messed up right now so is everyone else’s so that makes it a pretty even playing field for now.  The difference will be for those who choose to adapt and those who don’t.  I still believe Google will remain king and personally I’m very happy that Google+ will be merging as I’ve been waiting for the rest of the social world to start using their platform.  I like it better and now hopefully the rest of the public will finally getting on board. 

  • Peter Kern

    You don’t know much about monopoly, do you? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sana-Ryan/100001229089361 Sana Ryan

    hello dave. you need to write us some articles. I mean you have completely different perspective on Google (particularly, on updates). but you will have to have something to back-up your so called claims? or “!”.